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Korean Ghost Town

Survive the Hidden Underworld

πŸ“… Date: Oct. 28th (Sat)

⏰ Underworld Opening Time: 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM

πŸ“ Location: bb.q Chicken NYC K-TOWN

25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

Beat Korean ghosts and collect Yeopjeons (Korean brass coins) to survive the hidden underworld. Check below for detailed tips from survivors.

[ Table Game ]

Marble GameΒ  –

Move marbles into a ghost’s box using chopsticks for a limited time.

-> Prize: Yeopjeon x 1

Gonggi Game (Korean Jacks Game)

β‘  Roll a dice.

β‘‘ Grab a number of stones equal to the number shown on the dice.

β‘’ These stones are tossed into the air from the palm of your hand, and as they ascend, flip your hand so the backside is facing upwards.

β‘£ The stones are then caught on the back of the hand. Then, throw the stones in the air and catch them.

-> Prize: Yeopjeon x 1

[ Game Zone ]

Ddakji Chigi (Paper Flipping Challenge)

Make your own ddakji. Hit a ghost’s Ddakji placed on the floor to flip it over.

-> Prize: Yeopjeon x 1

Biseok Chigi (Hit the stone!)

β‘  Place a biseok on your head, and approach the standing biseoks on the table.

β‘‘ Drop your biseok to hit them without using other parts of your body.

-> Prize: Yeopjeon x 1

[ Special Game ]

Hidden Ticket

Find a Hidden Ticket: There are hidden express tickets that allow you to cross the Life and Death River. Find the hidden ticket to survive.

-> Prize: ChiBBoQ Plush & Bok Pouch

– ⚠ Dibidibidip (Alien Pose Showdown)Β  ⚠ –

ChiBBoQ will appear in the hidden underworld randomly, and you can request to play the game. During the game, you’ll imitate one of ChiBBoQ’s randomly selected alien poses from a set of three. Your goal is to avoid repeating the same pose with ChiBBoQ within five chances.

-> Prize: Random Special Prize

-> 🧨 Keep in mind that in case of defeat, you have to shout out “I love bb.q ChickenπŸŽƒπŸ§‘” publicly πŸ“’


🎁 Prize 🎁

Yeopjeon x 1 : Norigae (Hanbok Accessory)

YeopjeonΒ x 2 : Halloween Special Drink

Yeopjeon x 3 : Folding Fan (with your name written in Korean on it)

YeopjeonΒ x 4 : $25 Gift Card

Express Ticket : ChiBBoQ Plush & Bok Pouch

Dibidibidip : Random Special Prize

**Participation in our special events is exclusively for dine-in customers at Chicken & Beer. Please note that specific restrictions may apply; details can be found by inquiring with our staff.